Fallout 4 has stopped working

Why Does Fallout 4 has stopped working? : How to Fix?

Does your favorite role-play a game crash at startup? Fallout 4 is the fifth major part of the Fallout series launched in November 2015 and available for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

He has released some of the most popular games and has by far become one of Fallout's most popular shows.

Common issues with Fallout 4 has stopped working

Here are some common issues that users encounter with Fallout 4 on their devices:

  • Fallout 4 has stopped working
  • Fallout 4 does not launch
  • Fallout 4 keeps crashing
  • Fallout 4 will not launch
  • Fallout 4 crashes on startup
  • Fallout 4 crashing while loading

These common problems may be due to many reasons, including video resolution, hardware issues, and outdated graphics drivers, or an antivirus program.

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How to solve the " Fallout 4 has stopped working " error?

Before turning to elaborate solutions, be sure to try some general fixes, such as restarting your PC or using the minimum system requirements to play Fallout 4 on your computer. If the problem persists, try the following solutions:

  1. Update the latest patch of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 provides regular updates to keep the software bug-free and improve the performance, stability, and security of your PC. We suggest you install the latest Fallout 4 patch to make sure your favorite game works safely.

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Keep your game up-to-date by downloading and installing the latest version of Fallout 4 from your PC. Once the latest patch is installed, restart your PC and check if the Fallout 4 blocking issue is resolved.

  1. Disable the antivirus program

In most cases, the antivirus programs are incompatible with your Steam games, including Fallout 4. The antivirus software does not recognize the specific programming codes of Fallout 4 and therefore hangs.

  • You will need to disable your antivirus software
  • Once you're done, right-click on Steam and run it as an administrator.
  • Open Fallout and see if it works properly. If Fallout is working properly, the problem is with the antivirus software. In this case, place Fallout 4 in the exception list of your antivirus program.
  1. Update the graphics card driver

The graphics card driver controls the video card on your PC. An outdated or missing graphics driver can cause a Fallout 4 crash problem. You will need to make sure your video card and driver are working properly.

To keep your graphics card drivers up-to-date, visit the manufacturer's official website and install the latest, correct and compatible drivers on your PC. The process may take a while, but it should resolve your Fallout 4 crash problem.

  1. Make some changes to fallout settings 4

Some incorrect settings on your PC may interfere with your game application. Configure these settings and save them to properly run Fallout 4. Let's go

  • Make sure the desktop resolution and Fallout 4 resolution is set to the same size.
  • In the Fallout 4 settings, go to the Graphics Adapter and Resolution and run it in the Window Mode menu and the Borderless Menu.

Note: Be sure to start the game in high-performance battery mode. If you are using the power saving mode, go to the battery/power settings and go into high performance.

  • Disable intro video by unchecking its box
  • Now clear the Enable Divine Rays checkbox in the Fallout 4 settings.
  • Once you have modified and saved these settings, restart your PC and check if your Fallout 4 is working.
  1. Troubleshoot the mouse acceleration problem

The acceleration of the mouse is a recurring problem that causes problems for users mainly when they play games. Here's an easy way to fix it-

1) Go to C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ My Games \ Fallout4

2) Select the file named Fallout4Prefs.ini and press it.

3) Edit and set present interval = 1 on present interval = 0.

4) Save the changes and close the window

5) Once it's done, check the integrity of the game's files. Do this-

  • Restart your PC and restart Steam
  • In the Steam window, go to the Library tab, search for Fallout 4, and right-click on it.
  • Tap the Properties option from the drop-down list and choose the Local Files tab.
  • Press the CHECK INTEGRITY GAME FILE button.


  1. Check and repair corrupted system files on your PC

  • Missing or corrupted specific files on your system may be causing the Fallout 4 crash issue. To resolve this issue
  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard. Type cmd in the text box
  • Click Command Prompt (Admin) in the results list and click the Yes button to confirm.
  • In the text box of the command prompt, enter SFC / scan now and press the Enter button.
  1. Use a 64-bit computer system

Please note that Fallout 4 is not compatible with a 32-bit computer system and will not work at all or will not crash immediately.

You must use a 64-bit computer system to read Fallout 4. Also, note that you can not convert 32-bit to a 64-bit computer system.

You will need to uninstall the 32-bit system and then perform a new installation of the 64-bit system. When done, check to see if Fallout 4 is running on your new 64-bit computer system.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the game from Steam

If none of the above solutions resolve your Fallout crash problem, try removing and reloading some files from Steam. Let's do it

1) Launch your Steam client and go to the Library section

2) Find Fallout 4 in the list and right-click on it.

3) Press the Uninstall button

4) You will see a Deletelocalcontent option. Press the Yes button to uninstall Fallout 4

5) Now restart your PC and reinstall the game via the Steam client






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